Wifi has become a fundamental infrastructure in our society. LWTI provides a series of solution to fit for different technical requirements of company. Based on our experience in WiFi projects, we are able to handle various requirements in cover area, signal rate, security, application, authentication and accounting.


Our Services

1. 電腦網絡佈線/拉線工程(Cat5e/Cat6)
2. Optical fiber network wiring project
3. Network wiring project across floors or across units
4. Wi-Fi network installation and setup (including establishment of guest or employee network)
5. Patch Panel, Mounting and computer cabinet management
6. Network re-infrastructure

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A dedicated person will visit for free, provide professional advice and wiring location for customers, and try to maintain the beauty of the office. Design a suitable plan tailor-made, provide materials or manpower required for the project, and formulate the most favorable project quotation.

1. Professionals, free on-site
2. Select the location carefully to keep it beautiful
3. Special design, zero blind spots on the Wi-fi!
4. Professional on-site maintenance
5. Strictly control the network, safety first
6. International brand, cheap and good quality!

WiFi 6 Solutions

WiFi 6 is also known as 802.11ax, which is based on the powerful 802.11ac, which improves the efficiency, flexibility and scalability of Internet access. Under the new Wi-Fi 6 ax standard, OFDMA can allow multiple users to transmit data at the same time, solving the problem of latency, and greatly improving the efficiency of data transmission. Under the condition of making full use of bandwidth, Multiple devices can connect to the Internet synchronously and are more efficient in uploading and downloading.

Five advantages of WiFi 6:

1. Low latency

2. Faster transmission

3. Allow multiple users to transmit data

4. Power saving

5. Signal coverage is farther

Comparison of WiFi in the past

Release yearWi-FiWireless network standardFrequencyMaximum transmission rate
20094thIEEE 802.11n ( Wi-Fi 4 )2.4GHz or 5GHz600 Mbit/s
20135thIEEE 802.11ac ( Wi-Fi 5 )5GHz6,933 Mbit/s
20196thIEEE 802.11ax ( Wi-Fi 6 )2.4GHz or 5GHz9,607.8 Mbit/s
Wi-Fi 6 enables enterprises and service providers to use the same wireless local area network (WLAN) infrastructure to continuously support emerging applications while providing higher-level services for legacy applications. In this way, you can be best prepared for emerging business models and growing Wi-Fi application cases

We mainly useUbiquiti Networks

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Solution

UniFi | UBNT | UI / Ubiquiti is rapidly expanding to a complete Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution, combined with carrier-grade powerful hardware performance, UniFi Controller intuitive all-round central management Capabilities, UniFi Mesh technology, unlimited scalability and affordable construction costs, providing more flexible construction planning solutions for all industries.


Wifi solution with cloud management

Ubiquiti uses cloud technology to manage a series of WiFi solutions. Customers can manage WiFi devices and usage in different places at any time from mobile phones, computers, or tablets. Simply connect to the network, and then register the router with a mobile phone program to quickly join the hotspot. Combined with the cloud The scalability and convenient interface make it easier for companies or organizations in different industries to arrange their own WiFi solutions.


(Suitable for WiFi.HK/ office WIFI / restaurant WIFI / hotel WIFI / exhibition WIFI / shopping mall WIFI / campus WIFI / warehouse WIFI / housing WIFI)

* LWTI provides the fastest WIFI maintenance service. We have 7X24 service personnel to provide service. If it is a hardware problem, it will be replaced immediately.


Educational WiFi Solution

Teachers and students can learn online through the WiFi network without interruption, which increases the interaction and communication between teachers and students, thereby enhancing the interest of students in learning.

WiFi coverage is larger and more flexible than general wiring, which is convenient for activity teaching.

WiFi network can be used in conjunction with laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices.

Can control user bandwidth, avoid misuse of resources to prevent network traffic jams.

Office WiFi Solution

office wifi

Provide office wiring and WiFi installation projects.

Set up independent WiFi networks, such as guest networks and staff networks.

WiFi uses an encrypted connection to protect personal data.

The cloud management system monitors WiFi usage.

Restaurant/Catering industry WiFi Solution

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The Wifi solution developed for the catering industry is suitable for general restaurants, lounges, fast food and tea restaurants, etc.

Being able to connect to a catering or ordering system via Wifi, in addition to reducing human error, can also simplify manpower and effectively reduce costs.

Set the guest WiFi to control the connection time and speed, avoid connecting with the internal network, and ensure that the catering or ordering system has sufficient bandwidth.

Common Problem

Ask: Our company does not want visitors to enter the company intranet. Is there a way to separate it?

Answer: Yes, you can set up a GUEST network for visitors. Visitors are not allowed to enter the company's intranet.

Ask: When the company has multiple visitors, too many people go online at the same time, causing the Internet to be slow. Can it be solved?

Answer: Yes, you can limit the internet speed for visitors to avoid internet traffic.

Ask: What can I do if I find a company / visitor while browsing an illegal website?

Answer: Set to block individual websites. When WEB Filtering is enabled in the WIFI system, some illegal websites will be blocked automatically.

Ask: I don’t want any cabling job, and the ground is very large. Is there a way to satisfy me?

Answer: Yes, there are some Wireless devices that don't need cabling job, but still need a place to supply power to the device.

Ask: I found some suspicious devices, can I block them?

Answer: Yes, you can enable or block the Internet access of the device.

Ask: My warehouse / restaurant uses PAD for ordering, so it must not be affected by other users or devices. It can be connected to the system smoothly. Can it be done?

Answer: Yes, reserve the Internet address for the ordering equipment, and then put it on the dedicated "A" network, and then reserve most of the network resources to the "A" network.

Ask: We need to apply for government Wi-Fi. HK funding, is there a suitable plan?

Answer: Yes, the WiFi service we provide meets the government's Wi-Fi. HK application requirements, including providing WiFi usage reports and maintenance services.