PC / Server relocation / Network engineering

We understand that relocating the office is a very annoying situation. Computers and servers are the company's main fixed assets and sensitive equipment. If you relocate by yourself, it will often cause additional damage or missing parts. LWTI provides PC/server relocation and date migration services, so you can master time more effectively.

server relocation

Server relocation | 電腦及伺服器遷移

We will pre-label the computers and servers that need to be moved to ensure that customers do not have legacy equipment at the old address.

server relocation cabling


Many years of professional experience, providing cable services such as CAT6, CAT5e, optical fiber.

network redesign

Network Diagram rebuild/redesign

After company expansion, the network requirements will increase. Our experienced network engineers can provide network architecture restructuring projects to help you meet future challenges.

cable management

Server Rack & Cabling Management

Effective server rack & cabling management can effectively reduce the temperature in the rack and the complexity of future management.

server relocation ontime

On Time

The team will first observe the situation in new office, then set the working time and complete the work within the specified time.

We provide comprehensive server and computer system reset services. Whether it is server relocation, decoration, shrinking or expanding the server room, our server relocation service also provides professional technicians to contact guests. Before starting delivery, we have set up a professional delivery team to provide services to guests and cooperate with your company's employees to complete the entire work.

Server relocation

The process of computer relocation :

  • Labels and tags
  • Disconnect all cables
  • Remove the device from the cabinet
  • Uninstall all cabinet installation kits
  • Protective packaging
  • Transport from old office to new office
  • Reinstall all cabinet installation kits
  • Reinstall the equipment into the cabinet
  • Reconnect all cables and plugs
  • Power supply test and trial operation