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現今社會的各種各樣網上服務基本上全部都依賴伺服器運作。如對伺服器操作或設定不熟悉可以參考我們的 Server Maintenance 服務,我們提供不同種類的伺服器支援服務。

Our IT computer consulting service focuses on understanding customers' business strategies and needs, and using technology to improve and coordinate the business development of enterprises. We are convinced that business development and technology are closely linked and inseparable, so LWTI must understand the business motivation behind it in order to provide your company with solutions that best meet your business needs to help you solve your problems.

另外,領航科技擁有經驗的電腦工程師,而且精通於 Windows Server 和 Linux Server,對於虛擬化操作(VMware & Hyper-V)有多年經驗,能為不同類型的客戶(中小企和大型企業)提供不同的伺服器解決方案。

Types of Server maintenance 支援伺服器種類

Server backup
  • File Sharing Server
  • File Backup Server
  • Own Cloud Server
  • FTP Server
  • VPN Server
  • Web Server
  • Mail Server
  • Hyper-V虛擬伺服器 (Hyper-V Server)
  • VMware虛擬伺服器 (VMware Server)
  • 微軟及Linux伺服器 (Windows &Linux Server)
  • 微軟AD Server (Active Directory)

Server Maintenance 伺服器支援內容

Sales Service

after sales service

LWTI can sell various types and different brands of servers, including Dell﹑LenovoFujitsu&IBMEtc. We will be able to choose the right server for you.

Setup and Installation

Server Installation

We provide one-stop sales and installation services. The professional IT team has extensive experience in installing and setting up various types of servers.

Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance

Lack of daily maintenance can easily cause problems and affect the service. Therefore, LWTI's also provides server maintenance services to ensure that the server is operating in the best condition and reduce the chance of errors.

Professional consulting 

Professional support

Whether purchasing, installing or maintaining servers involves professional knowledge, our professional team will do their best to explain service content to customers. If customers encounter problems in purchasing or setting up the server, please feel free to contact us.

Other Services

Besides LWTI also providesNetwork Security & SolutionWi-Fi SolutionPC or Server Relocation ServiceWebsite ConstructionIT SupportSynology Data Backup SolutionPurchase computer software and hardware services. If SMEs do not have their own IT department. As long as they cooperate with LWTI, they can provide strong and professional support services.

LWTI's customers come from different industries, such as medical, logistics, retail, trade, financial services and legal services, etc., and we will be able to formulate suitable solutions for you.