Network Solution

Network solution

網絡工程及設置(Network Solution)是現時各大中小企業的一項基本需求,因為網絡除了關係到內部設備連接外, 還關係到網絡安全問題。只要公司內接上了印表機、數據器及素描器等,在同一個網絡裏的任何一個用戶均可以共用這些資源。 除此之外,還可以作資料共用,例如: 把有關公司客戶及產品的資料庫存放於檔案伺服器中,供其他獲授權的同事一同查閱及使用,減省了用人手把資料傳遞的麻煩及在傳遞過程中可能出現的人為錯誤。

Network Security

Complete network engineering and equipment can effectively block network attacks. To ensure data security, our company provides Total Network Solution, which provides services from network design to hardware equipment. In the company's network design, stable flow control and network bandwidth are necessary conditions, so we use network equipment of world-renowned brands,EG. Cisco、FortiGate、Juniper等等,絕對是信心保證。

Services include: purchasing and installing firewalls/routers/switches, etc., providing advice and assisting customers in selecting appropriate network protection software, such as SPAM E-mail Firewall, Endpoint Security, etc.


network security
Wi-Fi & Cabling

Wi-Fi & Cabling Solution

LWTI provides wiring engineering. We used AMP CAT-5e UTP CAT6 UTP and fiber optic cables, panels and plugs which are commonly used in the industry.

Service include:

Fiber optic cable network laying: Provide various connections and set up various Hub, Switch, Router and Firewall to make the company intranet secure connection. We can also arrange for Internet providers to connect customers to broadband Internet access. We will provide customers with a variety of different solutions to connect to the internal and external networks, so that customers can choose the most suitable, convenient, safe and reliable solution.

Wi-Fi Service:The advantage of using wireless network is that there is no need to lay new lines because of new connection points, and conveniently use wireless space or existing power network to transfer data, solve the company's troubles in arranging office connection points, and LWTI provides a variety of wireless laying solutionsplease contact us



Server Installation & Configuration

當網絡設置 (Network configuration) 完成後,我們會建議客戶在網絡上建立伺服器。伺服器可以統一所有資料及中央化各不同部門或員工在網絡上資源的權限。


File Server

File Server

File sharing server that centralizes all documents and files to prevent data from being scattered on each employee's computer, makes searching files complex, manages the file's security level, and effectively records all employees' access time and actions.

Print Server

Print server

Print server, which centrally prints and faxes documents for employees, and receives faxes centrally. It can also set up printers that can be enjoyed and faxes that can be viewed according to different departments and colleagues in different positions Record each employee's time and content of printing documents.

Email and web server

Email & Web Server

E-mail server which the center of all internal and external communications. The company's self-built e-mail server can effectively ensure that all confidential and important e-mails and communications of the company are managed by internal employees, and all employees' records are effectively recorded. Time and content of email retrieval. The new-generation email system also supports sending and receiving emails via web pages, mobile phones, and electronic palms.

Database server

Date Server

Database server, can effectively transfer company data and related data through a program or web interface, so that colleagues who need and have the right to read the data can read or change it, and make data search Keeping things simple for generations, it can also effectively record the time and actions of all employees to access data.