MT4 Instant Price Comparison System

Our team used to work on the trading platform and fully understand how to provide MT4 support. As a spot trading platform, we understand the importance of accurate prices. Price errors will not only bring unnecessary risks to the company, but also affect the confidence and image of customers in the company.

Product Features

Our price comparison function provides four internationally available data sources for reference. If the system price exceeds the set range, a warning will be issued.

Quick Price Adjustment Function

Price stagnation alert function

MT4 support

Simultaneous comparison of multiple products
5 X 24 Operation

Real-time Adjustment of Trading Mode

Multiple Data Source Comparison
International Source

Risk Aversion

The Instant Price Comparison System can effectively avoid system and man-made risks and prompt immediately when market risks occur.

Market Risk

market risk

The market conditions fluctuate sharply, usually before and after the announcement of big data or major news

System Risk

System risk

If there is a problem with the data source, or the transaction volume is too large and the system may be delayed

Human Mistake

human error

Trading problems caused by human negligence or system setting errors

MT4 Account Monitoring System

In response to the shortcomings of the MT4 system, we have developed a powerful Account Monitoring System that can monitor selected trading accounts and prompt all trading actions of the account in real time.

The real-time account monitoring system can capture every move of a specific account, facilitating traders to make risk assessments and strategies.

  • Simple and convenient system
  • Monthly fee, no additional system/server resources
  • Pay as you go, complete the installation in one day
  • White Label applicable

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