IT & Server Support

LWTI is committed to providing the highest quality technical support and consulting services and for enterprises and public sectors. We are committed to providing our services at the most competitive prices in the market. We are committed to becoming your long-term partner, not just a service provider.及諮詢服務 (IT Support) 和解決方案。我們致力於以市場上最具競爭力的價格提供我們的服務。我們致力於成為您的長期合作夥伴,而不僅僅是服務供應商。

IT support service content

VMware & Virtualization

Virtualization Services
What isVirtualization?Server virtualization can improve server availability; reduce operating costs; eliminate server complexity and improve application performance, etc. Our team has many years of experience in using VMware and deploying virtualization.

Server Support

Online services in today's society basically all rely on the operation of servers. If you are not familiar with server operation or settings, you can refer to our Server Support service.We provide different types of server support services.

Network solution

Network setting and configuration (Network Solution)is now a basic requirement of SMEs, because the network is not only related to internal device connections, but also related to network security issues.

Cyber security

Complete network engineering and equipment can effectively block network attacks. To ensure data security, the company provides Total Network Solution,which provides services from network design to hardware equipment.

Cloud solution

Cloud solutions
We provide common cloud services such as Amazon (AWS)/ Google/ Microsoft/ Alibaba Cloud in the market, dedicated online cloud and cross-border connection solutions, and strive to allow customers to use the cloud to create more value and achieve business transformation and acceleration , and innovative business models.

Backup solution

LWTI has many years of experience in serving SMEs, and understands the importance and demand of small and medium enterprises for data backup & recovery solution. LWTI provideSynology solutionsto meet the requirements of various industries.

Website & SEO

Responsive webpage creation and SEO can increase your keyword rankings through natural sorting, and achieve website exposure and online marketing opportunities on search engines.

Financial service IT support

LWTI has a professional financial service consultant team behind it, including technical support for the trading system. Our team has rich experience in trading system support services, including SP TRADER, AYERS and MT4 MT4 等交易系統技援

IT Support Plan

The company has network or computer problems? But it is not clear what went wrong? You can choose our support plan to solve office network and computer problems in one stop. There is also a tailor-made monthly fee plan, pleaseContact us

IT support plan
  1. To ensure quality and enhance productivity, separate engineer will be arranged for individual customer.
  2. In case of non-emergency, onsite service will be arranged on the next working day upon notification.
  3. Phone & remote support time: office hour only (reply within 2 hours).
    電話及遠端支援時間: 辨公時間(2小時內回覆)。
  4. Free on-the-phone consultation service for computer or software enquiry.
  5. Computer product and software can be purchased close to suppliers’ price.
  6. Maintenance service doesn’t covers parts, separate quotation will be provided for consideration.
  7. Onsite technical support will be provided from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm(Public Holidays are not included).
    上門技術支持時間: 週一至週五上午10點至下午6點(不包括公眾假期)。
  8. On request basis, onsite maintenance or support will be provided on Sunday, Saturday or public holiday with double service hours .
    根據要求,將在周日,週六或公共假日提供上門維修或支援,服務時間雙計 。
  9. Price will be adjusted according to the actual situation.
  10. Damages caused by depreciation will not be covered.
  11. Service will be terminated on typhoon signal number 8 or above except separate arrangement has been agreed.
  12. Daily consumption and depreciation will not be covered (For example, toner and drum of laser printer)
  13. Any hardware or software installed by other suppliers, we reserve the rights not to provide maintenance support.
  1. Clean up files and Hard disk checking
  2. SMB/ Share files and Printer sharing configuration
  3. Remove Virus, Spyware and Trojan Horse
  4. Email and internet configuration
  5. Network security & environment improvements and suggestions
  6. Regular patch and firmware update
  7. IT and computer consultation
  8. Provide data Backup Solution
  9. Computer replacement and transfer data
  10. Install new Software or hardware

Why choose us?

Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness
Customers can use the support service time flexibly and choose the appropriate service plan. We will also tailor-made monthly service plans to make the most reasonable use of resources.

On-stop solution

One-off solution

We offer a wide range of IT services and IT consultancy for all your IT needs so that you can focus on other important areas and save your time.

Professional Support

Profession support
We can assist you in managing complex system environments. Customers only need to participate in our service plan to get telephone, remote control and on-site technical support services at the same time.

Long Term Plan

Long term planning
In addition to general IT-Support services, we can also assist customers to develop long-term plans for computer systems in accordance with their business development

Please contact us for other corporate support plans